Tough Guard Side Visors
f150 Tough Visors by FormFit

Tough Guard Side Visors

When it comes to a stylish and functional hood protector, Focus Auto Design’s Tough Guard series should be the first brand that comes to mind. Designed specifically for the off-road community, the Tough FormFit Visors are the newest and might we add, ‘long overdue’ addition to the truck and Jeep aftermarket in many years.

Providing the same functionality of a standard side window visor like; increased air circulation, rain deflection, and reduced wind noise, the Tough Visor is designed to withstand anything you throw at it while taking your vehicle threw the elements or on the road. The ABS material the Tough Series products are made of will give the vehicle an OEM quality look and feel while never chalking, fading or breaking down over time. Seriously! The combo of ABS co-extruded with an acrylic top-layer for an added protective finish has been tested in anything and everything. Australian heats and Canadian winters to say the least.

While making these accessories, it was clear for the start that we didn’t want any contact with the window and for the install to be easy and stress-free. We went out of our way to find people outside of the office to perform an install on a truck. With no prior experience, they were able to install the Tough Visors in under 30 min. Some applications in even less. All the tools you need are in the kit ready to go when you are, and that is exactly the kind of product we strived to make; Easy, Affordable, Innovative and something that could completely change the look of a vehicle for under $200. We think the Tough Visors and Tough Guards ticked all those boxes. We can’t be the only ones either, the Tough FormFit Visor is the proud recipient of the 2018 Global Media Awards Winner at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. The award is achieved by having a new product that has a global appeal.

Drawing from over 25 years in the OE market, Focus Auto Design is raising the bar and bringing that OE quality to the aftermarket. Already available for Chevy, Ford, GMC, Dodge, Jeep and Toyota trucks, there isn’t a more innovative product for the truck and Jeep aftermarket than our very own. At Focus Auto Design, we see new product development as a fundamental of a strong business relationship. The development of new products and services has and always will be the backbone of a company, not only for the value of the brand but for their customers and their customer’s customers as well.