Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Focus Auto Design do?

Founded in 1987, We've been manufacturing accessories for cars, trucks, SUVs and Jeeps for over 30 years. We pride ourselves in our outstanding service and quality design all made and operated out of North America. We have premium, OEM quality accessories for over 500 applications. Using 3D scanning and precision CNC machining, you wont find better fitting products for your vehicles. Dive into our history as a company.

Does Focus Auto use a data transfer service?

Yes we do. All of our product data and product configuration is on ASAP Network. Request/view it through there or contact us for any further inquires regarding data tranfers.

Do we ship worldwide?

We do, in fact we've had a presence not only in North America, but in Europe, South East Asia and Australia for a number of years. Send us an inquiry to carry our parts or are curious if there's a dealer of Focus Auto parts near you. customer@focusauto.com

Where are Focus Auto Design products manufactrured?

All Focus Auto parts are manufactured here in Canada. We like to keep it all operations here, in North America. We currently have 3 warehouses; 1 in Calgary, AB, 1 in Las Vegas and another in Florida.

What's the warranty on your products?

We have a limited lifetime warranty. More info can be found on our warranty policy here.

Need to use your lifetime warranty?

Register for your warranty here and we'll be in touch. Click here for warranty-registration.

Who can install your products?

Our parts are made for the everyday user, require no modifications to the vehicle and typically only require a screw driver. There's nothing worse than ordering a new product and being confused by long, overcomplicated instructions. We've made it our goal to only develope and produce accessories we'd be happy spending our own money on and installing ourselves! All of our instructon guides can be searched on our Guides page, just search the SKU of the desired part.

What are your brands?

FormFit, Tough FormFit Guard and Rapide Fit are all brands produced under the Focus Auto name. FormFit is regarded as one of the highest quality hood protector and side window visors on the market. The Tough FormFit Guard is a long overdue addittion to the truck and Jeep aftermarket. The rugged 'bolt-on' look accessories has taken the off-roading community by storm including an award at the SEMA Show in 2018 recongnizing the global customer appeal of our Tough FormFit Visors. No they do not! All of our products are designed to protect your vehicle without damaging the integrity and value of your paint.

Can I schedule a tour of your facillities?

Of course! We welcome all and are more than happy to show of our plants, warehouses and head office. send an email to customer@focusauto.com to set something up.

I lost a part, what do I do?

Using the parts list from your instruction sheet, circle the missing part/s and quantity needed. Be sure to let us know the year, make and model of your vehicle. Email a photo to us, be sure to include PO#, INV# and shipping information including a phone# so we can send you a replacement/s.

Do any of your products drill into the vehicle?

No they do not! All of our products are designed to protect your vehicle without damaging the integrity and value of your paint.

Intrested in a career with Focus?

Check out our careers page for any info on joining the Focus Team and hiring oppourtunities. Also feel free to reach out on Linkedin.

How many rocks to date have been deflected?

Great question. If we were to take a guess, anywhere between 1 and 2 million? Rough estimate though.